Monday, January 09, 2006

2006 Day 10 Diet rebel hires a nanny

Ughhhh, I am sick of vegetable gloopy soupy yackie ucky muck
that passes under the name of veggie juice, a "delightful" invention of
Dr. McKeith which consists of mix of 2 celery sticks, 1 cucumber and 2
carrots. So I rebelled today and had half a tuna sandwich. It did have
cucumber on it however so it was only half a misdemeanor.

I also had a coffee, a fabulous creamy coffee and you know
what? I half suspect the milk was full fat as James the delightful
proprietor of our local Italian caff goes in for making things
properly. It's stunning, located in the expensive SE3 postcode, he
manages to provide a hot chocolate, a latte, a banana sandwich (made to
order) a tuna sandwich and 2 cups of milk for £6.50. A mile
up the road you get no change from £5 for a sandwich and a
coffee from Costa. My "other" favorite coffee haunt.

I will quickly clarify that it was not me who had all of the above but Little Master, Little Master's mate and Little Master's mate's nanny.

Anyhow perhaps it was the rush of coffee to the head after several days
break, perhaps it was the news that Little Master's mate's (super)
nanny Jo only had one afternoon free and was looking for work for that
day, but I offered a one day a week job to Jo (who is the
nanny of Little Master's friend) So I now have six hours on a
Monday to devote to the gym, doing some work on eBay, eventually taking
driving lessons and perhaps sneaking in a few hours studying for my
Solaris exam. It's a lot in a little time, I know but I've got to take
the breaks where I can find them and I am delighted to have found this

I also have an appointment on Friday to get a referral to see the ENT
(ear, nose, throat) specialist which hopefully will do something
towards clearing up this cycle of throat / lung / bronchi infections.
So it looks like its 'all change' (WHOOPEE!!)

You know I said Little Miss was off her food? Well she was back on with
a vengeance today. Six scoops of porridge for breakfast, potato and
parsnip soup for lunch and pureed chickpea and quinoa chowder for
dinner (2 helpings!!!) This was washed down with three bottles of
formula and half a pot of banana yogurt.

The chowder was a huge success with Master and Miss. Hubbie was not so
keen, he is not a huge quinoa fan. He did manage to bulk himself up
with smoked fish and cheese salad though.

I have agreed to console him with macaroni cheese tomorrow. Sigh.... Ah
well, if I use wholewheat pasta and use more veg. (especially onion-
based ones because they are amazing with cheese) perhaps that will
defer the 'badness' of the dish.

Have discovered an amazing Lush
product for children called 'Ickle Baby Baff'. See pic. It is not so much a bath ball as a bath face but it fizzes like a fine thing and the demand has been put in for more by minor management.

It has all sorts of yummy stuff like chamomile and lavender
which knocks out all the little loves. Little Master nearly exploded
with excitement himself watching it fizz in the bottom of the bath.
After we bought it, all he could talk about was his 'stinky bath'

Having an early night tonight so I have the energy and the willpower to
stay on diet tomorrow. See below for the treats I am allowed.

7:15am: Cup warm water followed by a cup of Dandelion tea. (In the
real world, are dendelions still weeds?)

FOLLOW with a bowl of Quinoa flake Porridge. (Think I'll cheat here and have
real oat poridge, I'll just die of pleasure if I have too much quinoa and we can't have that)

10:15am: SNACK
1 SMALLER VEGGIE JUICE so to take in the Spirulina. (More
veggie juice, ooooh feckin' yippee!)


12 NOON: Get outside for a fast 20 minute walk.

12:30pm: LUNCH
One or two whole soft, ripe avocados sliced up on a bed of the left
over quinoa from the morning. Decorate with sprinkled pumpkin seeds
throughout and 1 tablespoon of Flax Seeds.
Heaping handful or more of Raw or lightly steamed green beans.

1 VEGGIE JUICE (Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!)
2 cucumbers
1 carrot
3 celery

6:00pm: Dance for 20 minutes and just go crazy. (Crazy? I
must be barmy to follow this dammed diet in the 1st place!)

6:30pm: DINNER
Aduki Bean casserole with squash and yams
Loads of Alfalfa sprouts weaved throughout.
Make a big pot as it will serve as lunch the next day.

9:00pm: SNACK
Handful Raw Hazelnuts. Steam for 2 minutes or not if you
can’t be bothered.
Steaming gives a nice feel and texture and aids digestion. (If you
say so ..... groan.....)


TimeWarden said...

Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for your kind words and glad you like my reviews. It was nice to have a new contact especially as it was my birthday! I see you're a Capricorn too!!

I'm sorry to say I haven't seen "Lost" although my brother has been watching it. If you like "Lost", you may like "Invasion", which has just begun on Channel 4, as I believe its production values are similar.

I see you're a Python fan too. My favourite is Eric Idle. He made a show in the Seventies called "Rutland Weekend Television" which is even harder to find than "Ripping Yarns" these days. The BBC may have wiped it!

Nice to know you like "The Avengers" as well. BBC FOUR reception is too poor here to pick it up but I have some of them on tape. I like the Tara King episodes most. Any favourites?

Matt said...

Don't do it! don't be sucked in! You don't need to be any thinner, and you're just making yourself unhappy!

I confess I may be saying this as part of a personal vendetta against Gillian McBloodyKeith. Good luck with the diet - I don't think I could stomach another glass of Veggie Juice, and I've never had a veggie juice in my life.