Thursday, January 12, 2006

2006 Day 12 ER - blub sob

Have period .... am grumpy ...... and emotional ......... and sobbing.

I intended to write and instead here I am sitting blubbing at ER. Brain damaged baby scenario.

This is something you never think of until you are six months pregnant and you are watching ER / Holby or somesuch, the scenario is about a brain-damaged, handicapped, physically impaired foetus and you turn to oneanother with *that look* and nothing is said but a silent wish passes between you and the resolve "we'll deal with it when we are faced with it" is born.

One cup of tea and a HUGE noseblow later.

Shouldn't have switched to TMF, it's Eminem's "When I'm gone".

You know what's coming, give me 5 minutes.

Oh good, there is an Arnie film on Channel5. T1. "Skynet had to wipe out his entire existence ....." Ooh no, the scalpel in the eye bit. Writing time. Funny how you can look at your own placenta shivering on the floor like a piece of liver coloured jelly but the sight of a prosthetic with a bit of red paint and it's the heebee jeebies.

Feel totally cheated at the end to season one of Lost last night. The big end was all of them staring into a flipping hole? WTF!? The 'others' (who quite frankly looked like rejects from the Deliverance set) kidnapping of the kid was a bit of a shocker though and yes, I did laugh when the guy lecturing the others on the dangers of sweating dynamite ... boom boom ... got blown up by the very dyno he was waving about.

Haven't been so cross since the fabulous Point Pleasant ended five weeks ago. I stayed up until 1am to see the 'season finale'. They promised war, annihilation, bodies piled up and total destruction. What happened? Teenager has row with Mother, teenager gets stroppy, throws
stuff about, chap gets blinded in the process, yelling, shouting, girl's chap lies to her, oh someone gets shot and teenager storms off in a huff arrogantly vowing "I'll show everyone" and "I'll tell my Daddy about you lot"

GAWD! I wish someone would give me a job writing season finales, I would put the perfect crust on their sandwiches. I could do better than the stroppy striding teenager or the three lawdy-help-us's staring into a flipping hole and a bit of backlighting and dramatic music. Come back
Dallas with JR getting shot or old Bobby reappearing in the shower - now THERE was the way to end a season!

Season one of Desperate Housewives ended on a bit of a cliffhanger so am looking forward to the return to Channel4 next Wednesday. I can see what the surprise is going to be in episode
one. Here is my prediction given in such a way as hopefully not be a spoiler but I bet the loopy Dana will find out who his real Father is.
There you go.

Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed by those cars ads trading on the concept of "bigsmall"? I had to google it to find out the brand as the concept stuck more than the product. It is for the new Toyota Yaris. I hate to tell you this oh Mr. and Mrs. Mighty Car Manufactures and equally overpaid ad agency peeps but something which is bigsmall is MEDIUM you mumpty dumpty muppets! Gah! I despair sometimes, I really do. To think, someone was probably paid
the balance of our mortgage to come up with that piffle. I could come up better, except I can't post it here cos it would be stolen. Send cash thought the post with a stamped addressed envelope and I'll send you my best one.

That is if Ford do not get to me first :)


Matt said...

Your turn to make me laugh with that medium comment! And they're not the first car company to do that... can't remember what it was about 3 or 4 years ago but that was just as infuriating. Being annoying seems to be the new way to sell cars though. In fact, it's a popular way to sell anything - just look at Michael Winner. Calm down dear!

fjl said...

Teri Hatcher is one of the few actresses I like.