Monday, January 16, 2006

2006 Day 13 Ever wanted to?

Thomson local directory are featuring a woman in a catsuit in a very Mrs. Peel-ish pose except they have got it completely wrong. Their heroine is wearing a powder blue catsuit instead of wearing a black cat-suit and driving a powder blue 1960s Lotus Elan. Mind you, if you could, (either) wouldn't you?

After 2 weeks have lost ....drumroll ... taaaa-naaaah.... boom .... 7lbs. A nice safe healthy constant weight loss. Am v. happy with that. Jean lose. Not dropped a full size but definitely need a belt with a tighter loop. Yay me.

Still f'ing hate vegetable juice.

Am celebrating with a glass of white wine. Oh dear, my blood sugar is v. low (inane giggle)

Have decided to amend the diet slightly and add a daily cup of skimmed milk coffee. I am not a caffeine fiend or addict. I genuinely enjoy my one cup of coffee a day. I slow down, take it easy and savour it. Somehow a stinky green drink that I gag slightly as I drink is not a real substitute so I am back now to a morning cup of latte.

Also have decided to ditch the veggie juice. I have stuck it for 14 days now and enough is enough. If I don't like it now, after the period when most people reckon something should be likable through sheer force of 'habit', then I will never like it. My alternative is to cook all the veg in a spoonful of olive oil with a few cups of vegetable stock made with miso and then puree all that into a soup in the blender and thickened with a spoonful of Greek yogurt (low fat of course) Much nicer and actually quite palatable.

Watched the Eddie Izzard DVD 'Dressed to kill' this weekend.

We had a big dinner party with Helen (nicest, kindest, most decent woman on Earth) Rob (soon off to foreign parts in service of Queen and country and lucky b'stard to be married be Helen, but it's ok, cos he knows it) and the handsome Ollie (12 months). Brilliant, brilliant night.

We are so lucky to have such lovely decent easygoing easy company as friends. You know there are some people that you invite to dinner and the thought of them makes your shoulders ascend to oooohhh... about your ears? Well Helen and Rob make your shoulders melt to your waist. Perhaps if I had been as chilled out with Little Master, the same way Helen is with Ollie, as a 1st time mum, then Jack would be less fracious now. Ach well, who knows?

Got to go, I might be on a promise tonight. Failing that, there is a BBC3 documentary on Pulp focusing on the 'Common People' album. You know, that Jarvis Cocker is attractive for a skinny bloke but I think he smokes .... so he'll have to do a bit of work before he can have me.

Just realised JC are the initials of yer man mentioned above and he was the one causing a stink at the Brits cos he reckoned Michael Jackson (an American singer) was attempting to be 'The Christ' in his posturing. Ta-na-na-na-na-na-na-na (Tales of the unexpected music here)

Oh feck it, Jarvis, I'm yours!

Anyhow all this musing on Jarvis and his class pondering is distracting me from the initial point of some paragraph way above, namely Eddie and his scary lipstick, sorry eyeshadow, I mean comedy. He's brilliant. I shall muse on this again. For now, I'm orf, or on... ahhhhhaaaaaaa (Alan partridge moment there!)


Anonymous said...

Jarvis, I'm yours? Last promise you get for a while, dear :-p

The Furtive Wangler said...

I saw the Thomson Directory catsuit advert on the telly too - what a bizarre way to advertise a directory!

fjl said...

There is nothing like a glass of white wine at the end of a demanding day. Never underestimate it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gosh Bless you. Two words. The first is "Green" . The second is "Wing". Now, think on....