Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 Day 4 A more resolute me


Get our damm Blackheath house sold - oh what an epic this one is! When I am
calmer, I will recite it in full. I don't want my first post on
blogspot to be x-rated by virtue of the language used.

Build up successful business on eBay - this starts with attending the NEC Spring Fair in Birmingham between Feb. 5th and 9th to find new lines to sell. I am really looking forward to this as it looks like Daddy will be staying home with the sprogs. So I will be running wild (among the stalls) and free (to bed at the end of long days) but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Lose 2 stone (yes 28lbs!) I am sick hauling around a bum that I suspect is knocking people off the pavement behind me as I pass them. Adios! I am going to follow the Gillian McKeith diet.
Ok, ok, I know she has been denounced as a quack for the dubiousness of her qualifications and some of the thinking behind her methodology. However having read her diet and thought about it. I think that her actual recommendations are sound and I need a diet set out in black and
white and that is what I have from her book (£6.99 secondhand from eBay) I reckon her recommendation of smoothies, fruit shakes, variety of cereals, four helpings of fruit and veg., a bit of fish and probably more beans than the human body possibly needs on a daily basis is not going to do me any harm. I will also be taking a multi-vitiman and calcium supplement the whole while though - just in case.

Get health problems sorted. I always seem to be starting, finishing or be suffering from a lung infection of one degree or another. NO MORE. I have demanded a referral to a ENT specialist and this time next week, I should have something sorted, courtesy of BUPA.

Get driving licence - I had a provisional one in Ireland but it lapsed and I preferred my bike anyway. Since kids, being short of time and plain bone idleness set in I am 2 stone heavier than I want to be. I always procrastinated on getting another licence as I was afraid that I would
get (quote me) 'lazy and fat'. So I figure as I now tick both those boxes WITHOUT a licence, I might as well get one.

Get Solaris administration exam - I've picked up a lot of Solaris skills over the last few years and true to form with anything I gain any knowledge of I like a piece of paper to represent that fact. Sad but true.

Sell everything in this house which has not been used/needed in the last 2 years on eBay. I could cry, I really could, I had managed to de-junk about a quarter of the garage, we have another load courtesy of the excesses of Christmas. I go to great pains to stress 'no books' this year (please) and what do we get? boxes of dammed BOOKS! that's what.

end of resolutions

Ok, I know the last one makes me sound like an ungrateful moaning cow and how lucky we are to have people want to represent the fond feelings they have for us this time of year in the shape and form of books but I am a woman drowning in a sea of clutter who every time she makes a small bit of headway in the battle against the tumbling mass of stuff has another deluge hit her.

Wish me luck, the diet starts tomorrow!

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