Thursday, January 05, 2006

2006 Day 5 The Diet

Here is the outline of tomorrow's eating plan. Anyone wanna take bets on when I'll crack?

7:15am FIRST THING IN THE MORNING Cup Warm Water with a squeeze of lemon (oh yummy, yum, yum!!) and 1 Cup of Nettle tea (oh is there no end to the joys on this diet)

7:30am GO OUT FOR A FAST BRISK 30 MINUTE WALKWork up a sweat. (How glam!)

8:15am BREAKFAST Large Punnet of Blueberries (If you want a second punnet, then go for it).
(whopee doo)

10:15am MID MORNING SNACKONE VEGGIE JUICE 2 celery sticks, 1 cucumber, 2 carrots ADD SPIRULINA (If you say so)

12 Noon: GO OUT FOR A FAST 30 MINUTE WALK (can I run from this diet?)

12:30pm: LUNCH Tuna fish on a salad bed of Spinach. If you wish, steam spinach for one minute. HOLD THE MAYO and 6 Cherry tomatoes Heap Spinach leaves Handful of Dill herb sprinkled throughout. Squeeze raw lemon and or a dash of orange. (ooooh, a WHOLE dash of orange, how naughty!)

MID AFTERNOON SNACK 1 VEGGIE JUICE 2 celery sticks, 2 cucumbers

6:00pm: Dance to loud music for 20 minutes before dinner. Go wild!! (Ok, but only cos you said so)

6:30pm: DINNER Small veggie juice 1 cucumber and 1 celery stalk. Miso soup with tofu pieces and scallions. You can buy Miso in packets. Just add hot water. Chop up a few scallions. Organic Turkey or Organic Chicken with steamed carrots and broccoli and a tablespoon of Miso soup to moisten your white meat. Big handful Mung Bean sprouts and herbal leaves.

9:00pm: EVENING SNACK 1 or 2 fresh RAW peaches (Are you sure I won't explode after eating all that?)


aBitWicked said...

Good luck with the diet! you sound strong and with the greatest attitude!!

KristieSue said...

You can do it! Don't give up ;) When you get hungry just start blogging ;) it'll take your mind off food.