Thursday, January 05, 2006

2006 Day 6 Round of applause please

Well I managed to follow today's regime. Although I did crack and substitute veg. miso soup for the second veggie juice which is just so yack it is not funny. I guess, like my husband's farts, I will just have to get used to it.

Kids were determined to sabotage my first day of dieting as little Miss who is 9 months old surfaced at 4.15am determined to socialise. This is where she gets up full of the joys of Spring and roars when put back to bed. Down - roars, up - silence, down -roars, up -silence and so it continued for half an hour. We (hubbie and I) just got her settled when young Man who is three and a half years appeared sleepwalking

"I wanna bath"
"No, you don't Jack, it's nighttime so back to bed"
(sobs) "I wanna bath, Daddy give me a baaaaaath"
"Jack, come on bedtime now"
"Will you give me a cuddle?"

So I got into bed with him to give him a cuddle which lasted longer than I intended because I fell asleep and woke up perched on the edge of his single bed on the brink of falling out and very stiff.

All I wanted today was a copious amount of strong take away coffees, huge cheese sandwiches and a pint of cola to keep me going but I didn't give in. So I am grouchily going to bed to dream of dandelion tea as this is my morning treat. Lucky me!!

I do love my kids and I hate complaining about them. When they are sick, I want to take on what they have so they know no pain or discomfort, I would stand between them and an angry tiger, I would give up my limbs or my senses to preserve theirs but OOOOOOOHHH GOOOOOOD sometimes I would like a break or even the option of a break just for a while.

Lately it seems like the only chance I get for a break is when I am sick and that means my husband has to stay home from work which pisses his bosses off (I am sure) and it also means the house is left in a state which I must tidy as soon as I am on my feet. So we have these cycles of me getting run down, a bit depressed, catching a lung-related infection, going to bed sick, hubbie stays at home, house gets in a mess, get up from sickbed as cannot bear state of house any longer, don't recover properly and am sick again a few weeks later. AAAARGHHHH!!!!! Well hopefully this healthy eating thing will help build a stronger immune system so I will stop being sick and I will break this cycle because it is getting me nowhere .... at all.

Going to bed now as have moaned enough for today. Did I tell you I stuck to my diet? :)

7:15am: Cup warm water followed by a cup of Dandelion tea.


FOLLOW with a bowl of Quinoa flake Porridge.

10:15am: SNACK
1 SMALLER VEGGIE JUICE so to take in the Spirulina.

12 NOON: Get outside for a fast 20 minute walk.

12:30pm: LUNCH
One or two whole soft, ripe avocados sliced up on a bed of the left over quinoa from the morning. Decorate with sprinkled pumpkin seeds throughout and 1 tablespoon of Flax Seeds.
Heaping handful or more of Raw or lightly steamed green beans.

2 cucumbers
1 carrot
3 celery

6:00pm: Dance for 20 minutes and just go crazy.

6:30pm: DINNER
Aduki Bean casserole with squash and yams
Loads of Alfalfa sprouts weaved throughout.
Make a big pot as it will serve as lunch the next day.


9:00pm: SNACK
Handful Raw Hazelnuts. Steam for 2 minutes or not if you can’t be bothered.
Steaming gives a nice feel and texture and aids digestion.


KristieSue said...

Congratulations! You sound just like me, farting husband and all :p I know exactly what you mean with the kids driving you insane sometimes, but you lay in bed at night thankful for every minute! There's just something special about mom's. God made us with everything we need to keep going and doing for everyone but ourselves. Good job sticking to your diet. I don't know if I could have done it. I'll be checking in on you in the future. Would love to see more pictures of the babies. And thanks for your post on my blog :D

The Furtive Wangler said...

I sympathise about the cycle of illness, looking after very young children is so draining - tiredness affects the immune system. I can't remember what having a neat and tidy house is like anymore, toys are everywhere and we're largely to blame. My wife and I are both hoarders - books, CDs, videos, glass bottles, ice buckets you name it. Thanks for posting on my blog, I've added your blog to my Blogroll so I can drop by in future.