Sunday, January 08, 2006

2006 Day 8 Site driving me mad

Site was busted last night so I could not post. Kept logging me in and
out so I lost patience and devoted some quality time to
(yelling at) husband (joke.....ish)

I feel busted tonight so will not be much of a post. Still
on diet and sticking to it quite well although I did have a few slurps
of wine last night. Just to quality test a reserve you understand.....

Kids both well.

Little Master and I had the Mother of all cushion fights tonight - well
we have 14 cushions knocking about the sitting room so it seems strange
not to put them to good use. Besides, it beats the dust out of them and
keeps them 'plumped up' :)

Little Miss is still off her food although perversely enough she is
sleeping longer while eating less. Don't understand that one.
When she started on solids at 5 and a half months, she used to demolish all in
front of her. Month one, she had a jar of babyfood for lunch for dinner
followed by a jar of dessert and very rarely left a crumb (or more
accurately a drip) Month two and we moved on to having dinner, also two
pots, also demolished. Month three we added breakfast (porridge and a
yogurt) Then for a few weeks, we were a three meals a day happy happy
girl. Come December and the onslaught of teeth (and I choose that word
deliberately) and we were spitting out food (that is when we were not
puking it up or screaming at the sight of it)

If all that were not enough fun, we also weaned ourselves. I breastfed
Little Master for 15 months and I pretty much intended to do the same
for the Little Miss. I had not foreseen her refusing to feed, squirming
at the breast, screaming when I tried to feed her and in a last
dramatic gesture of refusal actually strain to get away. Happy was not what I was. Have just
about reconciled myself to it now although every time she sniffles now
I am tempted to start using a breast pump and get the errr...... juices flowing again.

Watched a few episodes of 'Ripping Yarns' tonight which is so
funny it makes me choke laughing. If you like the humor of Monty Python
and/or Michael Palin in general, it is perfect for you albeit just a
little hard to get hold of on DVD. Bought it off eBay for
hubbie for a Christmas present and he lurrrrrrrrrves me for it.

That is all. Sunday tomorrow and we have all the joys and terrors of Toddler World in Greenwich. I need my sleep!

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The Furtive Wangler said...

I love Ripping Yarns, got it last year in a Virgin store sale in High Wycombe. From my childhood I remembered The Curse of the Claw, still has me ROFL. Had the scripts as a book for a while, not sure what happened to that. Eric Orthwaite and his rain gauge were funny too, his parents speaking French to avoid talking to him! Hilarious.