Thursday, February 09, 2006

The grinch does a blog

I am not writing (much) tonight.

Am bloody tired

Someone left me a comment yesterday to say ER was no longer on at the 'Georging' hour so will be really fed up if Little Miss wakes up

Am fed up doing housework

Am fed up re-washing clothes to try to get the smell of sick out of

Am fed up of clingy whinging baby who only moves from my sholder to my lap and screams if put anywhere else

Am fed up with hubby who bought be ice-cream and then appeared with 2 spoons

I have my period, I do not want to share unless you want some f'ing period cramping!! I do want you to have the bloody snip (which you have been promising for nearly a YEAR now) so I can get rid of this bloody crappy coil which gives me these bloody cramps!!!!

Hey, look I'm sharing! Yay for me.

Am really most of all fed up that my closest friend Helen is moving to Berkshire for months. Fuddit!

Am going to bed now so I can be fed up with the pillows. Have thrown some of them downstairs for hubby to use on the sofa. Share ice-cream when I have a preiod. Bog off!

E. (Grumpy)


Matt said...

Um.... I have to say, though I've never had a period, I'd appreciate shared ice cream more than none...

I hope things pick up. Just keep telling yourself that having children is the most wonderful thing in the world.

The Furtive Wangler said...

Ah yes, times like these you just have to accept the differences between men and women. I had the snip 2 years ago, after our second child I vowed never again!

Violet said...

my other half would never even consider it. He says it's because of the increased risk of prostate cancer, but I reckon it's more to do with fear of losing a vital part of his manhood. It's just one of those irrational fears I have to accept.

Kieran said...

Hahahah, pinche hilarioso betty!! Poor hubby must be cowering in a corner somewhere hands over balls whispering to himself "no place like home, no place like home"... wanting to share ... cheeky sod!