Thursday, February 16, 2006

Note to all readers

Since my dear hubbie is under the impression that the calender that I installed in the kitchen to list all appointments and days away on is merely decorative

..... and since I installed it in order to avoid clashing appointments

..... please, please could someone, anyone, (I don't care who as long as he listens to them cos he sure as Aida doesn't listen to me) tell him to MARK HIS EFFING APPOINTMENTS ON THE GOSHDARNITCALENDER COS I AM NOT A MINDREADER!

and breathe

and snort

and glare

*Bloomin' Men*

Don't get me wrong. In the systems we have implemented things work like clockwork. In the space between paragraph 3 and 4, we have heard our son do one of his award winning coughs, been upstairs, given him tixylix (cough medicine), turned on the steam machine and given him a blast on the inhaler as well as several kisses and a squash.

This is a system which has been long practiced since initial implimentation. There have been variations but in the end this is the one which works and we spring on to it on autopilot almost. (Albeit an emotive autopilot)

So my question is this .... If you prove to a man how well female iniciated (jointly implimented) systems work, then how come they regard all new systems (the calender being a case in point) with such indiffrence?

Answers on a comment please ....

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