Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's enough to drive you to drink...

Top anglers drug tested at fishing competition

Yes, a fishing competition. I guess it must be tranquilizers that they have been taking in order to put up with the bum-numbing self-discipline that it takes in order to sit there hour after hour imaging the crap.. sorry carp they are going to catch in English rivers.

Perhaps the officials are afraid of sabotage and these are anti-doping measures? Hullo? Have you ever looked at the 'high on contentment' expression of anglers on their weekly escape from the rest of their lives? In order to win over these seventy other dwarfs all called Dopey, you need to soup yourself up on amphetamines (the kind that allow you to sit very still and talk in whispers) and not drug the other water-watchers.

What next, the staid members of the Women's Institute stripping naked in calendars for sale all over the country?

Muriel wondered if Stanley's new found energy bursts were from sunflower seeds after all?


Neil said...

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