Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Show us your willy!

I am married..

One day I saw an ad in a newspaper by a chap looking for uncomplicated fun.

So I answered and indicated I was interested in that sort of fun as well.

Turns out there wasn’t a man, there would be no fun, there would be just very complicated explanations to be made to my husband when my reply, naked photo, personal details and mobile phone number were published on a public website.

The website turned into a public phenomenon when the details of 100's of other women besides myself and all their details appeared on the site as well. My Mother, my father-in-law, my sister-in-law, my son and my employer all saw my details on that site. None of them were happy about it.

Now here is the crux of the matter; If I had not replied none of the above would have happened. I do not allow that fact to get in the way of a good lawsuit, I am suing the person who posted the fake classified ad which I replied to. I maintain if he had not tempted me, I would not have given in to temptation. So my proposed immorality is going to lead to his poverty.


Of course you realise the above scenario did not really happen for me. It happened to several other hundred men, the respondents to the ad posted by a horny woman on the "casual encounters" part of the personal ads section of Craigslist.

There was no horny woman, there was not even a warty woman, there was merely a prankster with an agenda. Jason Fortuny, an IT employee, posted the ad. He also took the replies and posted them online in the manner described above.

His posting, due to the accessible nature of the internet was seen by a hell of a lot of people. The condemnations began. Not of the men who had been willing to forget the spouses stashed away in the backburner of their minds, not of the men who had stupidly sent all their contact details and intimate photos to a complete stranger. The condemnations were of Fortune for using the net to expose these men’s immorality and stupidity.

Excuse me? How should have he have done it? Published a book?

All of a sudden, have parents forgotten to tell tales of the bogeymen and warn their offspring about strangers!!???

The point here is not that the Internet was used to catch some people being stupid or immoral. The point here is not the funny /distasteful thing that was done in publishing the site (depending on your point of view) The point is that there would have been no site to publish had these men not been so keen to get their trouser snake out for some r’n’r.


Never has the expression "caught with his trousers down" (and his todger out) been so apt.


Having said that if I disappear all of a sudden, you can presume all my past indiscretions have come back to haunt me - boo!


David B said...

That's what's so great about the web. You can always catch people out. It seems to get them when they're at their most vulnerable and when they are willing to believe everything as it's written. I've spent the morning having to respond to people who really believed that Natasha Kaplinsky really wore a walrus head hat.

Neil said...

Wow, what a story! Those guys are complete morons. But, in all honesty, I feel a little sorry for them. It wasn't as if they were hurting anyone. People would be more outraged if we put up the photos and information of convicted felons online.