Saturday, October 21, 2006

40 years ago this week

40 years ago in a Welsh town called Aberfan a coal waste tip slid down a mountain engulfing the Pantglas Junior School and surrounding houses which stood in its path.

144 people were killed. 116 of these were children.

It happened just after pupils had arrived for classes at the school on the last day before half-term that year. If it had happened the next day, the school would have been empty of children.

The picture above is of the mass funeral that was held for the victims.

A tribunal found the National Coal Board was responsible for the disaster, but nobody was sacked or prosecuted.

When it was revealed the remaining tips were still in danger of slipping, the villagers asked the government to remove them. After a while, when the government finally agreed, they asked the village for £150,000 towards the work from the disaster fund which had accumulated donations of £1.75m.

Hold your own children a little closer to you today and thank whatever deity you believe in for the. If you can, give a thought for the people of Aberfan who lost their children and were let down by God, man, government and industry.


s@bd said...


I simply can't imagine.

The Furtive Wangler said...

Its a shocking news story, even after 40 years. I was aware of it but not the full details. Those poor people...