Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ideas I wish I had come up with...


Brio train sets

The Garbage pail kids (not their wussy Cabbage patch counterparts)

.... and all basic good simple worthwhile popular ideas of that ilk.

Ideas I am so glad that I do NOT have the mind to come up with:

Putting microchips in wheelie bins

Thinking the Beatles were not worth signing

Test tube aliens

I kid you not, some marketing executive has decided that selling developing beings in a test tube is an excellent idea. Was this a cousin of the genius who marketed the ingredients for a bomb in a pre-pubescent chemistry kit? It is not the morality of the thing I object to, as always I bestraddle the fence with a slightly pained expression on my face but say the words out loud "test tube toys for children" and refrain from grimacing, I challenge you.

"There are 6 Test Tube Aliens to collect - 3 'good' & 3 'evil' . The 3 good aliens are called 'Kurion, Yagoni and Tatsuni'. Then you have the 3 evil aliens, and their names are 'Dodec, Takon and Shako'. Each comes as a chrysalis which hatches when submerged in water in the accompanying test tube. As you bring life to your unborn alien it will detect light and its electronic heart will start to beat. Add the special growing portion provided (a nutrient rich slime) and over a 14 day period the Alien will grow to around 8 times its birth size."

So 25 years after all the furore, objections and screaming about the immorality of test tube babies, we are giving their alien counterparts to children to play with.

So that's ok then.

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Violet said...

Maybe not for children, but they sound like brilliant gifts for grown-ups.