Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a girl wants, what a girl needs...

What I want: World peace, for us all just to fucking get along, for the unicorn to become un- extinct, for my daughter to grow up not giving a shite about the way she looks (rather like me) whilst being absolutely gorgeous (rather unlike me) for my son to be so big and strong that he scares the bullies whilst never indulging in their sort of behaviour, for my husband to forgive me my imperfections (like wheat beer and and I NOT mixing) and a guarantee that my collection of priceless PG Wodehouse books to remain intact.

What I need: Love, a warm waterproof roof over my family's head, a regular pay-packet, the sort of job that allows me a home-life, the right to express myself, entertainment, a good laugh, a nice smelly cheese, a decent glass of wine, the company of my old friends, some time to myself occasionally, good coffee, decent pre-prepared low-calorie meals and intimacy.

See? It is not rocket science and among women in general, our wants and needs do not vary that much.

So Jack Straw, a British politician, a father of a convicted (soft) drug dealer, a brother to a man who has committed sexual assault and a husband to an inside trader has decided to tell Niqab-wearing women this week how he would like them to dress for an audience with him.

Hell, is this open week? Can I tell Mr. Straw how I would like him to dress for an audience with me?

He would like women dictated to by their culture and religion to listen to his white liberal tall skinny western ass tell them how to dress? Well that works for me!*

So if he can tell a woman who is covered facially by the Niqab (see pic) Can he (should he) tell me, in my jeans and top to come back and talk to him in my bikini and grass skirt? Seriously, can he?

(Pic as promised)

Because you see, I had really bloody odd conservative parents. They installed this flippin' odd belief in me that to march into a politician's office wearing short hemmed gear would be a bad idea. Do you reckon that the average woman that likes the familiarity and comfort of her traditional dress (what way, shape or form the hemlines may take) takes joy in being told to dress the way that makes a male politician comfortable????

Fuck off all males dictating to women how to dress tonight. May you all stub your toes on something as big as your own stupidity!

As for Mr. Straw who would like women to wear less to allow better communication; the two fingered "you're crap" salute does not need a revelation of nose and mouth. An angry woman wanting something changed is an angry woman, you do not need to see her mouth and nose exposed to tell she is angry. Most women have the gift of getting the message accross.

If this society is really interested in what women want and what women need, they will start by fucking asking them, not presuming for them, after all, that is what democracies do, NOT dictators. We do live in a democracy, don't we?!


Anonymous said...

i reckon you would not be happy interviewing someone with their face covered in that way

ElizaF said...

Quite frankly, it would not bother me eithear way. If a person can do the job, they are hired. Militant christians are the most vocal people in my day-to-day professional experiance but as long as they do their job, I could not give a monkeys ...
Thanks for being brave enough to leave a comment as an Amon....

Jennie said...

Perhaps Mr. Straw should learn to listen as opposed to learn to look. Call me contoversial and radical but I am not wrong.

Ivan said...

You are a genius, a court of law needs to see our face - a constituency office does not. Would a scarred woman or a botox-injected man be asked to reverse their condition in front of the mighty NMr. Straw?

Violet said...

Mr Straw's public comments raise this issue - when two cultures have clashing rules of etiquette, how does one decide who has to assimilate with the other's rules?

The white majority whom he represents obviously prefers both men and women to be unmasked; the Muslim minority prefers its women covered. Should the minority over-rule the majority?