Thursday, February 09, 2006

The grinch does a blog

I am not writing (much) tonight.

Am bloody tired

Someone left me a comment yesterday to say ER was no longer on at the 'Georging' hour so will be really fed up if Little Miss wakes up

Am fed up doing housework

Am fed up re-washing clothes to try to get the smell of sick out of

Am fed up of clingy whinging baby who only moves from my sholder to my lap and screams if put anywhere else

Am fed up with hubby who bought be ice-cream and then appeared with 2 spoons

I have my period, I do not want to share unless you want some f'ing period cramping!! I do want you to have the bloody snip (which you have been promising for nearly a YEAR now) so I can get rid of this bloody crappy coil which gives me these bloody cramps!!!!

Hey, look I'm sharing! Yay for me.

Am really most of all fed up that my closest friend Helen is moving to Berkshire for months. Fuddit!

Am going to bed now so I can be fed up with the pillows. Have thrown some of them downstairs for hubby to use on the sofa. Share ice-cream when I have a preiod. Bog off!

E. (Grumpy)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What a day, what a day, what a day...

What a day, what a day, what a day...

Thank you for coming to read me. Let me moan at you.

Started out like any other. Jack appears in my room (husband in Dublin for work so it has reverted to 'my' room) at 7.20am.

"Can I have a cuddle?"

I remember having a thought at this point that this was a perfect start to any day. Hold that thought.

Kids dressed,
Kids fed
Terrible trio get to school actually on time (!)
Kisses and cuddles
Jack trots off to the classroom
Mummy trots off to the shop (milk, min. water, cola, stock cubes and stain remover ...... ) Remember the latter, it is significant!

Go to health food shop for stock cubes and the Ecover stain remover (goodee-goodeee brand, the features of which are; "No chemical residue. *Optimum level of biodegradability
- far exceeds legal requirements. *Minimum impact on aquatic life.
*Against animal testing. *Safe for septic tanks" - so there!)

So you have the picture, there I am in HEALTH food shop. I have the STAIN REMOVER for clothes in my hand, I am walking along the aisles perusing as you do. Suddenly there was a gulping noise, followed by a huge cough and then a choke/squeak sound. The sort of combination of noises which set off alarm bells like the bow bells and sirens like a lighthouse alarm in a
parent's mind. Were these bells and siren justified? OH YES! The sheer volume of puke would have been admirable and awesome in anyone else's baby, in mine it was intimidating and terrifying. We are talking COVERAGE! I have seen adults produce less upheaval after a three course Chinese and a bottle of Southern Comfort than this child (all 21lbs of her) managed on a pot of children's yogurt and 12 ounces of porridge.

Has the irony of the health food shop, the bottle of stain remover and puke hit home yet?

The upheaval came continued all day. She decorated her bed, my bed (while I was changing her bed) the sitting-room floor, Helen, Me (three times) and the bath.

Speaking of the sainted Helen, she came this evening to look after Jack while I brought Lucy to the hospital. The woman is amazing, she just rolled up her sleeves and ran the house in my absence as good as I do, if not better. Thank god for friends like this.

When hubby read my last entry, he remarked that I should write a book. GOOD LORD MAN!! What next? You ask for a blog entry and I give you one, you read the blog entry and want a book, if I write a book, what next? a film? a series? a 13-part run of novels?

Whilst writing this, Hubbie's mother was on the phone to me for 56 minutes. I missed the O.C. I wonder if she noticed that most of my remarks were 'Yes' 'No' or 'Ooooh tell me' and the classic "Reeeeally?"

Happiness E4&1 showing 'The O.C.' It's fun watching people the same age as me pretending to be 12 years younger.

Going to bed soon as I think we may be 'Georging' tonight. What is 'Georging' I hear you ask? Well for the uninitiated (and those who are normally asleep at that time) E4 normally shows 'ER' at 2am. This corresponds with when Lucy (and her teething) wake me up. So we come downstairs, have a cuddle and she gets sleepy leaning into my chest. (It has that effect on people :) Anyhow the present cast is the Dr. Green, Dr. Ross, Nurse Hathaway etc. collection. So we call it 'Georging' as it is the (real) gorgeous George who is playing Dr. Ross. He's that good looking and he fixes sick children. Except for the hours, he is the perfect man.

Night all.
George, see you in a few hours.
Hubby, see you tomorrow.