Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A squash and a squeeze and a kiss and a cuddle .....

..... and a pat and a stroke and a poke and a snuggle.

Yes I know it is brutal English grammar but it doesn't matter because I am Irish so that is okay then.

The above is what my son asks me for every night. That is the sum of my beautiful sons demands on my time and affection.

When their Father is away Little Master is the one who misses out the most. Normally he is left to finish his breakfast alone while I wake, change and dress Lucy. I know he does not like it. He used to complain and ask me to "stay Mummy". Now he just nods when I gulp down the last of my coffee and toast and tell him I am off to get Lucy up. I don't know which is worse leaving him when he is imploring me to stay or his quiet acceptance of me abandoning him.

At night Little Miss sometimes get tired early so I leave Little Master to watch the end of Ceebeebies while I wash, dress, feed and put Lucy to bed. He is so good he even put (most of) his toys away after the goodnight music without me prompting him. Then he trotted upstairs and got himself undressed for his bath just as I put Little Miss into bed.

He is three years and seven months old. He also recognises, as of yesterday, all 26 letters of the alphabet. I could quite frankly burst with pride. I also not got a single notion how someone like me has turned out such a super, energetic, well-mannered well-behaved intelligent son (who eats like a horse, responds to logic and adores his sister)

I blame the Father myself and frequently (hourly) thank God for him.