Monday, May 01, 2006

My kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids

Not fair.

Just as I decide to be mature and do the work / home balance thing and actually go back to paid employment (sneekily deciding on a criteria that will never be met)

Job will have to be in Docklands
Wages will have to be v. high
Will have to be non-senior role with regular hours
Will have to provide chaildcare vouchers

Damm me if I do not have an interview for such a job on Wednesday.

Add to this Little Master is ill with a sore throat and fever and Little Miss is more charming than ever if that was possible. So I have guilt and oppertunity. It's so flippin' Catholic feeling guilty when you have not committed the "crime" yet.

We can't stay here in rental house for much longer without 2nd income (damm 1st house still not sold and cause of epic and much bad language)

I can't go back to work unless I have wages to justify hiring a nanny

Have interview for fairly well-paid job

Don't know if my heart is really into going back to work

Plans to make regular income off eBay proving a little irregular

Head wreaked

On the bright side, the wonderful Helen and Ollie are now back in residence in Blackheath. We all (mostly) have our health, Little Miss is on the point of walking, we do have a warm dry roof over our heads (actually we have one more than we need) and I do have a cunning plan about how to get ourselves out of present jam but more on that later as it may all come to nothing and my fabulous brain still works despite application of two bottles of wine to it so far this week.

I remember when one large glass of wine had me drunk for the evening - thank goodness the age related hangovers have not kicked in yet but I suppose four hours in the gym have something to do with that. I can't stop fitness training - ever! I'll probably get four months of hangovers if I do. Aaaaaaargh......

Have to go now as Little Miss (1) is beating up her brother (nearly 4) She has also filled her nappy from the smell of things. Great, more shit.