Saturday, January 20, 2007

Our neighbour's garages get attacked

I was complaining about the garage chez Fiennes being attacked last week.

This week it was the turn of our neighbours, who, instead of having the brain-dead drug-addled modern day pale immitation of Raffles come to visit, had the 80mph London winds.

Like the drunken uncle and his loud-mouthed short-skirted girlfriend at Christmas, it also brought an unwelcome visitor in the shape of a large crashing tree with it

All that green stuff is the one collapsed tree. One tree.

There is a shed under there ... somewhere.

Ah there it is, on its side, as flat as a recently flattened by a tree spurned on by an 80mph wind pancake

Our garden and garage .... a couple of viciously placed twigs deposited here and there. We were scarred too I tell you. Scarred!

1 comment:

Neil said...

Wow, do you ever remember it being so windy around there?