Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cure for aids announced

Best of all it is herbal and not a sick-educing cocktail of drugs like so many chemical cures for other complaints nowadays.

This sounds the best thing ever, a miracle, a blessing, the answer to the prayers of so many sufferers and their families and much more than my humble oratory can ever express.

wowowowowowo wooooow woooow and other such expressions of delight.

Unfortunately this non-cure is none of those things. Neither a cure nor a miracle. Although I sincerely wish it was.

In Ireland, there is a tradition of the Faith Healer. The men or women who travel around with their ministries curing people of their ailments with 'the touch' and prayers over those affected. The cruellest part of their act was to tell those who dared to say the cure did not work that the reason it did not work was because their faith in God was not strong enough and this was their punishment.

These healers rely on the age-old trick of psychological manipulation. All they do is convince people that they have cured others and suddenly the latest believer is cured. It is a great show but Bobo the part-time elephant trainer in the big top is more likely to cure you than these clowns.

At least Bobo and the other circus folk set out to swap you entertainment for money in an open way. The Faith Healer and his entourage offer you a show disguised as your ailments cured. Not even Jerry Springer goes as far as to claim to cure the minds of the truly mad.

There is a reason penicillin is called the wonder drug of the 20th century, it works, it does it. If you have an ailment it can cure, you take it, you are cured. Job done. There is scientific and personal verification of the effectiveness of the treatment. That is the definition of a cure.

How sick in your own head do you have to be to announce that you have cured aids? How would you sleep at night knowing that there are 42million people whose hopes you have raised and now are about to dash? How could you live with yourself? Could be the thought of all the rich people with bulging wallets and aids rushing to your door for the cure which really keeps you sitting upright in your chamber?

Mr. President Alhaji Dr. Yahya Abdul-Azziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh, can I just say how funny (strange) it is that your wife's section of your govenment's website makes no mention of your claims eithear. Also unendorsingly silent on your fabulous discovery is Chery Gregory Faye, UNICEF representative in The Gambia.

Do you think perhaps, you are mad and/or a liar? Just a thought. I merely throw it out there for debate.


Anonymous said...

I refer you to yet more of the same. Buggers. Alex

Karl said...

These faith healers should be shot. Sleazeballs who pray on the desperate.

fjl said...

It's a strange buiness. Sometimes they're alot of frauds. Occasionally a faith healer has got some wisdom. I think as you say you've got to objecify every time. x