Wednesday, June 06, 2007

London 2012 Logo - fairy story

Once upon a time there was a lovely logo for the London 2012 Olympics of the Olympic colours in the shape of the Thames ribboning its way through the numbers 2012.

Very striking, very simple. Told the story.

Then some ad executives watched a lot bad 80's pop videos, drank a lot of Moosehead beer and when they woke up the next morning and realised why the Canadian beer is so-called, they decided to take their hungover tempers out on the people of London by stiffing them to the tune of £40-500,000 (depending on which paper you read) for a new logo.

These naughty execs also thought it would be a jolly wheeze to make the colours flash and change therefore alienating the epileptics from looking at it. Although in retrospect, this may be an unintended kindness.

Then the people of London said: "this logo sucks" in a chorus of MANY voices. Although one person (me) realised it was more of a hand job than a blow ....


So the executives said "well you'll learn to like it" and "get used to it".

As time passes people just hate it more and more.

The end. Really.


Violet said...

What the heck - that doesn't even look like numbers. I can see what you mean about it looking like a handjob too.

The Furtive Wangler said...

This is what happens when you give too much money to a load of pillocks. It's a piss poor logo in any language!