Friday, August 03, 2007

What brings you here today?

Here are a few of the latest Search Engine searches which bring the unsuspecting to my blog...

Thanks to the "That Vegan B*S*" blog for the idea.

The most popular search is:
Definition of a good parent by a mile. Why not, as it is something all parents worry about. Am I doing enough, should I be doing more, am I doing the (obviously insignifigent) amount I am doing the right way?

tall thin girls hardcore (eughhhhh!!) Yeah as if you are going to find that here. I draw the line somewhere and bags of bones are not sexy. If you had not guessed, I am not a bag of bones. More like a bag of fillet steak :)

dirty photos Natasha kaplinsky (I know your ISP buster!)

Thomson local girl in catsuit, Model in blue catsuit, Thomson local catsuit. Is anyone seeing a theme here), Thomson local directory cat, Blue catsuit Thomson local. Enough with the damm cat searches!!!! - Go to the Thomson website if you want to perv at the model in the tight blue lycra. Jeesch!

Richard Hammond, Did Richard Hammond make it to the Pole? The answer is yes, I think.

Sweet transsexuals, Is Rene Russo transsexual? (Eh?)

John Barrowman, Gay Dr. Who, Is John Barrowman gay? (Like YESSSSS!!!), Barrowman Torchwood gay

So there you go, from parenthood to hardcore skinnies, pervy looking lycra wearing cats, transsexual actresses to the camp Tardis passenger, this blog is your one stop commentary shop.


Violet said...

I can definitely see Rene Russo as a transexual. It's something about the cheebones.

Istvanski said...

The Richard Hammond search is a red herring. People were actually searching for "Richard Gere" & "hamster" and that is exactly what they got.

ElizaF said...

Gosh, Violet, if that is the case, I had better get busy with the slap least I am thought a drag Queen as well. (Albeit, a drag Queen with some hellish bazumba surgery having gone on :)

Istvanski: I don't care what Mingle says, you are a dirty wee article.