Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ex-squeeze me?

So a woman in the US goes to the dentist. He looks in her mouth. Say "Aahh ah ah ah ahahahaaaa" he says. He fondles her breasts UNDER HER SHIRT having diagnosed TMJ - temporo-mandibular joint disorder - a common enough jaw problem. He maintains 'copping a feel', sorry breast massage, will bring pain relief for the condition.

I've wiki'ed TMJ. Funny enough:
there is no mention of under-blouse breast massage as pain relief for this condition on there, there is no mention of over-blouse breast massage as pain relief for this condition on there,
in fact there is no mention of massage at all as a recommended method of pain-relief.

One woman went back six times wearing tighter and tighter jumpers so he would find it harder to get his hands up 'there'. Ignoring the simple-mindedness of such a presumption or the mercenary afterthought (if there was one) SIX FLIPPING TIMES?????? How desperate do you have to be to have someone look after your teeth that you put up with being molested for the privilege?

The accused (allegedly, as he is currently on trial) managed to do this to 27 women before he was reported and charged.

Here in the UK, the Guardian reported "Large numbers of people are going without dental treatment and some even report extracting their own teeth because they cannot find an NHS dentist in their area, a survey reveals today"

The report went on: "..... 6% of the respondents said they were self-treating, which often included pulling out their own troublesome teeth. "Fourteen teeth have had to be removed by myself using pliers," said one Lancashire respondent. "Have pulled teeth out before, easier than finding a dentist," said one in Hull. "Because I could not afford the treatment cost, I had to extract my own tooth on one occasion," said one in Harrow. "I took most of my teeth out in the shed with pliers. I have one to go," said another in Wiltshire.
Some of the respondents show considerable ingenuity. "Filled own teeth - clove oil and Polyfilla," said one in Essex. Another fixed a crown with Superglue and a third used a screwdriver to scrape off plaque..."

This has to be all backwards. Surely it is the women patients of the good (sic) dentist in the US who should have be applying the pliers and the people of the UK should be returning again and again to their MPs to demand the dental care they are entitled to?

Because (yes, I know not to start a sentence with 'because' but this is my blog. So, if you want to go somewhere there are no sentences starting with 'because' then read /start yer own) if a dentist did that to me EVEN ONCE, I would go back.

Oh yes, I would, my Mother did not raise a coward (a work-shy shirker occasionally and a terrible grammartician more often than not) but never a coward. I would go back and I would bring a pliers and I would teach that sob a thing or two about being molested

Fortunately I am in the position of having a dentist who trained to be a vet and then decided to become a dentist looking after the ElizaF nashers. If I did have a complaint about the methodology of scraping / cleaning / filling (which I do not) of the excellent Dr. O'Conner, I am sure I would keep it to myself. She may have a pair of those things for filing the teeth of horse lying around somewhere.


Violet said...

The gropey dentist must've been trying to insure himself against the abnormally high suicide rate of people in his profession.

Istvanski said...

You're lucky. New patients who are trying to find a decent NHS dentist around our way is a long, ardous and quite possibly pointless process. It's like pulling teeth.

dh said...

Sounds to me like that dentist had a temporo-penile arousal disorder. Not an uncommon condition in men. Of course he shouldn't let it interfere with his work.

Andrew K said...

I'm slightly wondering at the line

He fondles her breasts UNDER HER SHIRT

Now if he fondles her breasts UNDERT HER TROUSERS I could understand the emphasis. As it is, I find the geographical location of said breasts very much as to be expected.