Sunday, January 21, 2007

We bought the children a piano ....

It is currently installed in the new house because we have no room for it here at current house.

We cannot leave current house because the roofers, damp proofers, carpenters, builders, gas specialists, plumbers, decorator and electricians have a little bit of work to do in restoring the damp riddled heap we bought back into something that resembles a house rather than an open fungal gathering place on the side of a mountain.

That is why the children are visiting the piano in their outdoor clothes. It was colder inside than out.

The winds also took out part of the ancient wooden side fence and revealed a ton of estate agents signs chucked down the side passage, LOADS of them. Was our new house some sort of albatross on the South East London Estate Agents lists I wonder?

We didn't say a word about the piano being there, we just lifted the lid and the children ran to it like cats to catnip. Loud notes and lots of giggling ensued.

Not a bad purchase for £36.01 then (god bless ebay) I love a bargain, me

Now all we have to go is spend 40K in getting a house fit for the kids and the piano to live in.
Let's hope the house comes in at estimate or that won't be such a bargain.