Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Un-uniform behaviour

I have no objection to a woman having a wild night out. In fact with society being so hard on a girl, that is to say not knowing to adore us as a Madonna or whore (or both), then who can blame a woman for being someone who wants to run a house by day and let their hair down a few times a month?

If you are Lindsey Lohan (childless) or Amy Winehouse (childless) there is a certain media "ooh, look what the naughty girl has done now" attitude ......

If you are Kate Moss (1 child) or Britney Spears (2 children) there are media cries of "unfit Mother" ...

I deplore this double standard. Mothers are allowed to let their hair down too you know. They just can't be as spontaneous about it as their childless (brainless) counterparts. Until this week, I has been a sympathiser of Kate Moss too. No-one can do everything she is supposed to get up to and still be alive.... right?

Yes, I said, until this week.

However, Kate Moss wearing a priceless vintage Dior silk gown does come in for a slapped wrist...

What a terrible thing to happen to such a beautiful dress.

The planning and the work that go into couture gowns make them works of art.

It is shameful that this woman, who knows the work that goes into the garment allows this to happen. Perhaps she should stick to shellsuits in future.

It is hard to imagine Isabella Blow treating a Philiph Treacy hat or Amanda Harlech treating a Chanel suit in this awful manner.

What is she going to do next, pee in the fountains of the Taj Mahal, stub out a cigarette on the Mona Lisa or flush a virgin mobile phone down a public loo?

'Cos there is nothing like biting the hand that feeds you AND ruining a work of art (mobile phones excepted) in the progress.

Ruin one, ruin all eh?