Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why I love my kids - reason no. 344567892

So, this is a jigsaw of 2200 pieces which Jack's G'pa (Grandad F.) was doing with the help (and hindrance) of many family members over Christmas. It lived in the drawing room of their house.

Jack (5) was in the room when the jigsaw was in about 1987 pieces.

He managed to put two pieces correctly together. Then he tried to add a third piece which clearly couldn't fit into the slot he was attempting to enter it into.

"Bollox" he said.

I thought to myself in my Egyptian river way "there is no way he said what I thought he said" I continued to think this until he repeated it again ... 10 seconds later.

"Bollox!" he said in a high 5-year-old voice as clear as the Midday bells from Wells Cathedral.

His Grandfather looked up from the jigsaw as I ushered Jack out of the room 'for a chat'. (I have a policy of not ticking the children off in front of anyone who doesn't live in our house)

So we sat in the television room. "Jack" I said. "Where did you hear that word?"

" 'Schoolfriend' says it all the time" was the reply. 'Schoolfriend' has an older brother and two older sisters so all sorts of things get carried from their bedrooms to the schoolyard Jack runs around in. I accept this as it is the way of the world.

"You can't say that word" I said. "It is a very rude word. Do you know what it means?"

"Nooooooo..." came the big blue-eyed reply.

So I told him about the body part that b-ox referred to, about how people hated children saying bad words as it made them think they were naughty children and how talking like that would make G'Pa sad as he would not want to have a rude grandson.

Yes, trowel, it was laid on, with a.

I ended it by saying "You have to go back in there and say 'Sorry' to G'Pa for being rude Jack'

He pouted but marched back in to where his Grandfather was sat over the jigsaw. I followed him and watched as he stood for a moment, drew his shoulders back and sucked in his breath.

"Sorry for saying bollox G'Pa" he announced.

I stopped dead, backed out of the room and dropped to my knees giggling helplessly in the hallway.

There is nothing as guileless or beguiling as a child.


Violet said...

Our 2 year old has said "shit" a couple of times whilst doing a jigsaw puzzle. I haven't responded at all, since telling not to say it will probably make things worse. Your jigsaw puzzle looks like a Joan Miro painting. Very interesting.

Istvanski said...

Ha! How did G'pa react to his apology? I would've loved to have seen his face!

Christine said...

Isn't it funny how swear words are different on each side of the pond? Bullox isn't a "bad" word here!

I get to interview you for Neil's GIE!!! Your email thingy isn't a link, so if you'd email me that would be great!

Goodmum said...

Sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh ... or gulp gin!

The Furtive Wangler said...

At least he wasn't at school. I had to see the headmaster last term after my 5 yr old son said "Excuse me, can you sod off?" to a girl in the class above. Oh the shame!

ElizaF said...

Violet, we had the shit thing too. At two you have to ignore it because it is all about reaction but at 5 it is all about using it because other kids using it have made it acceptable.

ElizaF said...

Istvanski - G'Pa is very controlled and kept his face on the jigsaw, something which Mummy was very grateful for :)

ElizaF said...

Christine - your email keeps bouncing on me but I'll get in touch with Neil and see if he can pass you my email

ElizaF said...

The Furtive Wangler - Hey, at least he said "Excuse me..." :)