Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Business is slow

I knew it!

See this post I wrote a few days ago giving out about companies replacing technology and standards in electronics almost as soon as they are in the shops. Then guess what has happened today? Toshiba has announced their decision to no longer develop, make or market high-definition HD DVD players and recorders. See here for Wired article.

I love the way it is presented as all being in the interest of the consumer. The article says:

"In making the announcement, Toshiba Corp. President Atsutoshi Nishida said
he wanted to avoid confusion among consumers. The decision was relatively
quick, coming just several years after the competing technologies arrived."

Yes, "relatively quick" is now redefined as "just several years" in corpospeakedness so that is all right then.

All right for everyone who bought blu-ray as their choice of film player. Not so all right for those 1 million North Americans who went with HD-DVD players.

So under the circumstances, the decent thing would be for Toshiba to recall all HD DVD players on the shelves of major retailers at the moment as in time, there will be no newly released DVDs released on compatible media to play in the players. It would also be gosh-darned-super-duper-ickle-fairy-darn-tooting-moral of them to take back the HD DVD players already sold to soon-to-be-disgruntled customers.

Well neither of those is going to happen.

"Toshiba said shipments of HD DVD machines to retailers will be reduced and
will stop by the end of March."

I suppose it is some sort of improvement on the Betamax/VHS battle where it took Sony 10 years to stop making the players.

Like I said. Business is slow ... to be fair to the consumer. Not so slow on charging a premium for emerging technologies though. Nor not so slow to keep money for recently redundant technology. No sireee.


Violet said...

And people like me, who don't buy new technology until it's pretty established, can grin smugly and say "I told you so". (Except in my case, I can't because my other half is a chaser of new technology.)

Istvanski said...

These have been good posts and I feel your techno frustration. I've written about it myself.

Swearing Mother said...

I am fed up waiting for a new TV because my husband is so aware that any minute now, there'll be a better, bigger, sharper, clearer picture for less money.

Frankly, I don't care any more as long as it has Eastenders on it.

I just don't understand all this new-fangled stuff.

ElizaF said...

voilet - that is an excellent policy. what kills me is that HD-DVD was fairly well established (over a year on the market) and then they pulled the plug because one major studio and one major retailer went with blu-ray as the standard without offering consumers a rebate .... I wonder if a consumers group will organise a lawsuit, serve Toshiba right if they did.

ElizaF said...

Istvanski - loved the post and that is why I hold back from buying new stuff for decades after everyone else (I still run W2K at home) ... it just annoys me how desposable everything is, even income.

ElizaF said...

Swearing Mother - I can see this from both your points of view but feel free to point him to this HD-DVD/Blu-ray tale of woe and tell him old is sometimes better especially if it is established (and you can get it for free from your friends/relations/neighbours who are getting rid of old in favour of fashionable)