Sunday, February 24, 2008

French military victories

Enter French military victories into Google

Hit 'I'm feeling lucky'


Now look at the address of the page you have opened

It is not Google

It is the web-page of someone who will never get laid in France .... ever!


isadub said...

You have too much free time!

Still, you'd got to admire someone who does a pithy summary of 2,000 years of French military history and puts in on the internet so everyone in the world can critique it.

I love the top paragraph:
"Please note that the Web designer is not American and blaming the Web designer for America's history is illogical. Though you may critisize this oversimplified French history all you wish, blaming or threatening the Web designer is not nice."

They guillotine people in France, don't cha'know :-)

Violet said...

I've tagged ya for a food meme. Hey, what a good way of increasing my viewing stats!

Istvanski said...

Ooh, it's gone all purple! And I'm from 'Corydon'. I actually prefer it pronounced that way.