Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vacancies open

News on the BBC News-site that Crocodile blood may be the source of powerful antibiotics to use in the fight against human infections.

Australian Adam Britton and US expert Mark Merchant spent the last fortnight combing the Northern Territory for salt and freshwater crocs.

It has been known for some time that these animals heal serious injuries rapidly and almost without infection.

Recent tests have shown alligator blood has strong antibacterial powers.

Ok, so just one issue - who is going to run the donor station to collect the blood? Anyone seen this man lately?



Violet said...

It would certainly keep the price up, wouldn't it?

Istvanski said...

Alligator blood has strong antibacterial powers?

Don't believe it for one minute, Eliza - it's just a croc o' shit...

ElizaF said...


Groannnnnnnn. That was terrible. Shocking.