Thursday, February 07, 2008

Facebooking the awful truth

Dailymail article on facebook in which they blab on about the site being addictive, time-wasting, playing to people’s insecurities, yah yah yah.

1) If a person has an addictive nature, they will find their fix in something, be it a TV show, gambling or facebook. You cannot stop all the horseracing events in the world because ‘Micky’ spends all his wages betting on them nor should you shut down social networking because GROWN-UPS haven’t got self-control or a sense of proportion.

2) It is time wasting. NO. It is something which passes the time, as is TV, going on holiday, having a drink, running a race. All things we do in order to facilitate the inevitable march of time until we are buried or cremated. Getting sanctimonious because someone isn’t spending all his or her time chanting or saving the world must be a very boring exercise. If people want to wile away the hours between now and death on facebook, good luck to them.

3) If you are so bloody insecure that seeing a photo of your partner on facebook beside someone else is going to send you into jealousy orbit; Stop looking at facebook, ask your partner to deny having any past relationships and don’t open any of their old (on or offline) photo albums. Now, you will be happy. You are also an idiot but some things are beyond my advice.

4) Boy/girl friend tracing your every move on facebook? Close your facebook account and open a Bebo or myspace account. Better still, do the former and not the latter. Take a train to somewhere miles away from home and go on a cycle from there. Smile as you imagine them twisting their tail trying to ‘track’ you. Enjoy the feeling of not being tracked and give up on social networking. If it bothers you that someone can trace you, then don't do it in the first place.

After all, we could use IM to send messages to each other until 2 in the morning wasting hours of our lives but we don't ... because we have facebook inboxes and walls to post messages on.

We could use profile sites like MSN and Yahoo to check out the stats of boys or girls we like, but we don't because we have facebook profiles to browse.

We could use sites like photobucket or flickr to check out the photos of the lives of our friends but we don’t because we have Facebook photos to peruse.

We could waste time in work by going to talk to our colleagues about something work related which descends into a one hour chat about our families but why do this in person when we can do it through facebook?

We could waste time on the sofa expanding my arse in front of the telly but instead we do in front of the computer on my desk chair logged into facebook.

I could sit beside my husband on his laptop all evening not saying a word except the occasional acknowledging grunt to something I have said which he didn’t really hear anyway because Xanan67 (Los Ang) was typing something crucial into his real-time IM at the time but I don’t as I now have facebook.

Facebook – just like real life except no-one ignores you. It is just that some of those wanting to pay attention to you are twits.

You can restrict your profile you know. It is so funny that so many of us have caller screening on our mobile phones and landlines but we allow any idiot to see deeply and intimately into our lives on social networking sites but we do not take advantage of the ability to do the same online.